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Have to make up the numbers

One can only have so many project ideas before the jokes wear thin!!!

How to take a computer apart, sell the parts and turn a profit.

Painting starts with no brushes on a canvas of dust.

Painting the moon with 10 brushes and bucket of rain.

How oil profits affect latin american policy

looking at data sets

Sports statistics - python programming required

a project on the 2020 Census--especially if they're into data science. Students can access historic census records online since 1790 and they might like to dig into the data and develop a project that analyzes trends in the United States. Our census measure everything from radio ownership to race, languages, and education. Another option for the same topic might be to look at the politics of the census reports and mobilization efforts to get people to fill it out. For that too I can help them access online newspaper records from early america through today.

develop virtual walking tours. They could research the history of a neighborhood and its specific landmarks and buildings and use google maps to create a walking tour that shares their research at each spot. We could arrange tours thematically (i.e. a Feminist History of the Lower East Side), geographically (i.e. the NYC waterfront, Central Park, Harlem), or even by event (i.e. the Cholera Epidemic of 1832, the career of Typhoid Mary) so that really any topic a student chooses can become a virtual map.

Evaluate the candidates on an issue they care most about, conduct historic research to help them analyze each candidate's platform, choose the one that best aligns with their own views, and then write up an endorsement of that candidate based on their research.

Connecting history to the current pandemic. Write an op-ed, create an infographic, and/or develop a call to action around a mutual aid initiative. I can't think of much better use of our time than helping a student Using history to inform understanding of our current needs and then organize their peers to make a difference.