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Hugo Salons offer relationship-based learning experiences for small groups who want to learn from an expert at a top research university. In the era of social media and click bait, adult friends can form real bonds with both their mentor and one another.

Hugo Salon with Friends and Family

Hugo Salons allow small groups to revisit the great works of Shakespeare, prepare for a family vacation by learning about your destination from an expert, or dive into the headlines to gain context on complex topics like immigration, health care, and climate change. Like all Hugo Mentorships, Salons are completely customizable and based on learners’ needs while still providing the ideal structure to facilitate success.

Hugo Salon with Colleagues

Hugo Salons are also excellent growth opportunities for corporate teams. Team leaders can work with us to design Salons for employees based on topics relevant to the workplace, including emotional intelligence, motivation, and communication. They can also benefit from exploring traditional liberal arts subjects such as history, literature, science or art. Studies show that employees who have opportunities for learning in the workplace are happier and more productive. Hugo Salons also foster team-building through relationship-based, growth-oriented learning experiences with professors at top research universities.


Salon Project Ideas

Hugo mentors are available to work with adults 1:1 or in a variety of small group settings. Like other mentorships, Hugo Salons are completely individualized and tailored to your interests.

Here are some examples of topics you can explore at a Hugo Salon:

Meetings Matter: Stop Wasting Time and Learn How to Run a Productive Meeting

Critical Media Consumption: Deciphering the information overload of the internet and learning to distinguish real from fake news

Contemporary Art: A look at key artists influencing the art world today in Pop Art and Abstraction, from Jeff Koons to Kaws and Julie Mehretu to Wade Guyton

The Age of the Samurai: A brief history of feudal Japan to give context and depth for your next travel adventure

Persuasive Business Communications: How to use persuasive writing to effectively connect with audiences

Happiness First: Why happiness makes us great at work and not the other way around

Gene Editing: Exploring the benefits and drawbacks of CRISPR technology, which will eradicate some diseases and change the building blocks of human life

The Politics of Polarization: Why are Americans so divided?

Meaningful Giving: Understanding philanthropy through a historical lens and how to make an impact today

Deaths of Despair: Why so many healthy Americans are killing themselves and what we can do about it

Eating the Earth: How to make sustainable decisions about food

Holiness and Place: Why Jerusalem matters to everyone

The connection between disability and genius: Monet Had Cataracts and Beethoven Went Deaf!

Philip Roth: Self-hating Jewish misogynist or one of America’s great novelists? Reading and discuss Portnoy's Complaint, American Pastoral and Plot Against America

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