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Hugo connects high school students with professors at top universities for purpose-driven mentorships in your area of interest. Mentors work with you 1:1  to explore a subject and complete an independent project that is guided both by your curiosity and their expertise.


Mentorships are relationships that foster your growth.

When people find mentors who share their interests and invest in them on a personal level, not only do they develop new skills, they develop new identities. They become problem-solvers, activists, scientists, or artists. They become the people they were meant to be.

Studies have shown that having even one quality mentor in your life is a predictor of future success. This is because mentorships are relationships that allow you to grow by learning from experts who help foster your development.

Hugo's structure optimizes the benefits of mentorships.

Not all mentorships are created equal. According to experts, formal, structured mentoring programs provide better outcomes for students than informal mentoring relationships. This is why we designed Hugo Mentors to provide the ideal balance of structure and flexibility to foster a meaningful learning experience.

our approach

Impactful and Remote academic experiences

Our individualized mentorships offer the opportunity for a deep dive into your academic passion with an expert at a top research university and the opportunity to develop a compelling independent project.

Student at work

Mentors Matched to Your Interests

Hugo Mentors are scholars at the best universities in the world with expertise in every academic subject from astronomy to zoology. Just as importantly, our mentors are also experienced teachers who care deeply about fostering learning. They are able to synthesize and distill their complex knowledge so that you can understand more about the topics that interest you.


Website on body positivity offering resources for schools looking to add body image literacy to their health curricula


Foldable solar cell that was designed using mathematical principles of symplectic geometry through origami

No two mentorships are alike!

Projects are guided by academic experts and driven by student interests

College-level research papers for publication

Advocacy proposals and policy briefs

Product protoypes and computer models

Music, photography and arts portfolios

how it works

This program was one of the best investments I have ever made as a parent.

Paula R.
Parent of a rising senior

The opportunity for a high school student to do work at this level is really unusual and has been a wonderful experience for my son. He always loved astronomy so his eyes lit up and he was hooked from the moment his Hugo Mentor started talking about Exo-planets. I never had to remind him to do his work, it was always done on time and he loved going to a college campus to meet with her.

Wendy F.
Parent of a rising sophomore

Hugo has afforded us the opportunity to craft an elective that is tailor made to suit my daughter’s interests and, by virtue of being mentored by a highly qualified professional, digging deep into the material with vigorous discussion and research, we were able to confidently fold the sessions into our junior year curriculum and claim academic credit as part of our formal Home School Instruction Plan.   Our work with Hugo will also add a useful layer of independent integrity to our Home School transcript for College applications.   Her mentor set a challenging but flexible pace which allowed us to fit the sessions in seamlessly with our other commitments, and her mentor’s own passion for the subject has meant sessions are as fun as they have been rewarding - my daughter has loved every minute of the experience.

Lisa B.
Mother of a home-schooled junior

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