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Hugo was born in response to the need for more personalized and inspiring learning experiences, providing a new way to connect students with mentors at top universities.

As life-longer learners and parents we undertsand the well-documented benefits of mentorships.

Carving out time to explore why feelings matter with a mentor from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence or researching the carbon-neutralizing potential of trees with an ecologist at Columbia doesn’t just enhance a resume or knowledge base; it also allows us to take ownership over learning and gives you confidence to ask and answer questions about the world in which we live.

About us

Hugo was founded with a vision for helping intellectually curious learners gain access to exceptional mentors to guide them in taking their learning to the next level

Bettina Cisneros, Founder and CEO

Bettina spent her career building brands and new businesses for leading digital media companies and platforms. She worked as a strategy and marketing executive at larger companies such as Time Inc. and Yahoo! and at startups as part of the founding team at CNET and Vencast.

Bettina has also served on the advisory board of several early stage businesses as well as on the digital advisory board for several educational institutions including The Yale University Press and The Nightingale-Bamford School.  

Bettina holds a BA from Yale and an MBA from Stanford as well as a certificate in Public Management from Stanford.

Nikki Muller, Program Officer

Nikki Muller has worked for over a decade helping students identify and articulate their voice and unique story as a college essay coach and writing tutor, teaching high school students to research, organize, and execute academic papers. She has also worked as a private aide to graduate students in Communications Studies.

Nikki graduated summa cum laude from Princeton and received her  M.F.A. through Harvard University.

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