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Every project is unique, reflecting the students' specific learning objectives and interests. Final projects range from college-level research papers to product prototypes.
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Below are a few examples from hundreds of past Hugo mentored projects.

A business plan and marketing analysis to launch a closed-loop portable shower

Collection of op-ed pieces examining the link between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their associations with adult criminality

A proposal for adaptive synthesis of a recently discovered class of molecules

Historical analysis of dance's evolution in the United States, and how "American dance" embodies the ideals of freedom and democracy

A curriculum on Asian American history created to fill existing gaps in high schoolers knowledge and to highlight underrepresented stories of Asian American discrimination

An original article analyzing startups in the autonomous delivery space, assessing how the actions these businesses took during the pandemic will contribute to their success

Calculated the image lensed by a black hole through Python, given a source image and known black hole parameters

Policy Brief proposing equity-based solutions to Black maternal mortality in the United States

Website on body positivity offering resources for schools looking to add body image literacy to their health curricula

A comparative analysis of India and China's respective responses to COVID-19 and the resulting economic impact

A research-based guidebook that provides useful tips and informations for high schoolers coping with anxiety

An economic analysis of cryptocurrency's potential to provide economic relief to citizens of Venezuela and other oppressive authoritarian regimes

Application of machine learning algorithm to predict song genres using raw data from Spotify

A fail-safe mechanism for automated flight created using fault-injection method.

Essay exploring the history and musical evolution of Detroit techno

Photojournalistic project documenting quarantine and family life during the summer of 2020

Academic paper comparing the 2014 Ebola Epidemic in West Africa to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020

Analysis exploring how different countries will be affected by the transition to renewable energy sources

A completed CAD model, finished prototype and report for an electric vehicle designed by the student

Phone app that uses principles of emotional intelligence to help teenagers achieve more positive emotional states, impacting both their well-being and academic performance

Research paper and accompanying policy brief on the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies

Policy memo for a US Congressperson based on cutting-edge environmental science research that addresses key environmental needs of their district, including natural disasters, transportation and food supply

Foldable solar cell that was designed using mathematical principles of symplectic geometry through origami

Original advocacy proposal that reimagines campus food banks to address rising food insecurity in university settings

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