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International Relations Mentorships

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Students with great ambition and a desire to make a positive impact in the world can prepare for their future by learning about political policies and systems, and exploring how they influence a broad range of issues, including public health, human rights, global poverty, climate change, and global ethics. 

Those  curious to understand the complex relationships that exist between nations and cultures are a good fit for a multidisciplinary mentorship, which encompasses economics, cultural studies, education, and political science. By gaining familiarity with policies and practices across the globe, students broaden both their intellectual and academic horizons. They  develop the ability to form well-researched, strong, and balanced arguments, learn to critically evaluate sources and hone their communication skills. In final projects, students have tackled everything from policy suggestions Egypt can take to ameliorate a human rights crisis to comparative analysis of India and China’s handling of the global pandemic.

International Relations


Academic Papers
Case Study
Constructivist analysis of nuclear weapons as deterrents
Case Study
Research paper analyzing the effect of Ukranian refugees on the economy in Poland, with comparisons to other historic refugee crises
Case Study
Policy memo on vaccine diplomacy comparing case studies from Saudi Arabia and Taiwan
Case Study
Academic paper investigating the role of nationalism in sustaining the Palestine/Israel conflict

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