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Law and Criminal Justice Mentorships

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Students passionate about justice and equality, as well as those considering a career in law, might wish to pursue a mentorship in law and criminal justice.  Mentorships in law and criminal justice can focus on issues involving law enforcement, our legal system, criminalistics, the courts, or corrections.  Specific topics students have explored include forensic science and criminal psychology.  Whether a student is curious about a particular legal issue or concerned about the incarceration system in our country, a mentorship in law and criminal justice will allow them to delve deeply into their area of interest while developing skills in research, writing, and analysis.  Past law and criminal justice projects have included op-ed pieces and the creation of educational modules.

Law & Justice


Policy proposal offering solutions to add protection for agricultural prison workers

Co-wrote an article published in Ms. Magazine on a Texas lawsuit that threatened to bankrupt Planned Parenthood

Academic paper that analyzes why four different U.S. states with similar voting laws have different voter turnout

Course module on mass incarceration in the US from Reconstruction through the present, with a focus on how prison is depicted in our culture and the media

Collection of op-ed pieces examining the link between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their associations with adult criminality