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1-on-1 learning and original research projects customized around students' interests

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Those drawn to the inner workings of government on a local, national, or global level can investigate the subject during a political science mentorship. Students can tackle pressing social issues from a policy perspective, unpack age-old conflicts in international relations, or trace the evolution of present-day ideologies through political writings of the past. 

Whether creating a policy brief for their local congressperson or writing a paper on the evolution of nationalism in the 20th century, political science students hone their argumentative and writing skills, learning to articulate their position in a well-researched and persuasive manner.

Political Science


Statistical analysis and policy recommendations to combat gender discrimination for refugees entering the US

Co-wrote an article published in Ms. Magazine on a Texas lawsuit that threatened to bankrupt Planned Parenthood

A young voters' handbook, offering a history of voters' rights, vital information about registration and upcoming elections, and why voting is crucial for our democracy's health

Constructivist analysis of nuclear weapons as deterrents

Academic paper that analyzes why four different U.S. states with similar voting laws have different voter turnout

Draft paper based on an original research experiment examining political polarization and online posts

Research paper examining historical public health crises in the US and how they have intersected with governmental policy and treatment of Asian Americans, with a focus on the COVID pandemic

Research paper including analyses of the counterterrorism policy in the US, the UK, and Jordan, together with policy recommendations

Research paper on 'false polarization', and how the media impacts people's ideological polarization

Research paper documenting how youth voting is increased by automatic pre-voting registration

Research paper on juvenile sentencing under the Eighth Amendment, addressing Supreme Court rulings

An economic analysis of cryptocurrency's potential to provide economic relief to citizens of Venezuela and other oppressive authoritarian regimes

Original website sharing historical, political and economical information on the global refugee crisis with resources encouraging advocacy