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1-on-1 learning and original research projects customized around students' interests

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Problem-solvers, creatives, and tinkerers are natural fits for an engineering mentorship. Detail-oriented students can work on their skills designing, testing and building machines, structures or processes using math and science. Students’ projects may research, invent or refine processes across a wide range of fields including medicine, the built environment, transport, electronics, and much more. Completing a mentorship in engineering develops students’ problem solving, computer science, data modeling, and leadership skills. 



A fail-safe mechanism for automated flight created using fault-injection method

Design brief for a shopping basket to assist wheelchair-bound grocery shoppers navigate narrow grocery stores

A completed CAD model, finished prototype and report for an electric vehicle designed by the student

Foldable solar cell that was designed using mathematical principles of symplectic geometry through origami

Prototype for a new football helmet to better prevent concussions designed with a neuroscientist at a top research university

An innovative intermittent renewable energy grid for Caribbean islands impacted by climate change that relies on solar and wind power and can withstand a Category 5 hurricane