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1-on-1 learning and original research projects customized around students' interests

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Students with a keen interest in tackling current events-- whether it be a natural disaster, fashion trend, or political upheaval-- are well-suited for a mentorship in journalism. A mentorship in journalism allows students to develop their own compositional style across a wide range of media, including podcasts, news blogs, magazines, television, and multimedia technologies. 

Journalism students develop initiative, persistence, and imagination as they research, debate, read, and watch media. In addition to learning how to craft a compelling story about real issues they care about, students will learn how to vet sources, effective ways to conduct an interview, what are ethical journalistic practices, and how to build credibility. Final projects can range from creating a portfolio of shorter local news pieces to a longer form work of journalism to an original podcast. 



Research paper on juvenile sentencing under the Eighth Amendment, addressing Supreme Court rulings

Op-eds on nepotism in the NFL, influence of race in NFL hiring practices and the legacy of Giannis Antetokounmpo in the NBA

Photojournalistic project documenting quarantine and family life during the summer of 2020

Original magazine about sustainable fashion, featuring articles on the industry's ethical and ecological issues and a unique research-based sustainability rating scale for fashion retailers

Transmedia project focused on Holocaust remembrance using personal narratives and photojournalism to record survivor testimonials