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Mentorships in Public & Global Health

1-on-1 learning and original research projects customized around student interests

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Those drawn to applied or scalable medicine may be interested in a mentorship studying the prevention of illness, disease, and health care inequalities. Students can create health informatics, explore disaster management, learn the best practices of health communication, and investigate the psychology of public or global health.

The art and science of public health allows students to build collaborative skills, learn to produce new knowledge, and create powerful and innovative solutions to complex, large-scale problems. Students can design campaigns, generate resources to make health information more accessible, or take critical perspectives on controversial or complex public health issues on a nationwide or global scale. 

Public & Global Health


Op-ed on the potential of public music programs to alleviate hardship at the U.S.-Mexico border

Policy brief exploring the relationship between ozone and asthma in Illinois

Academic paper comparing the 2014 Ebola Epidemic in West Africa to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020

Original advocacy proposal that reimagines campus food banks to address rising food insecurity in university settings

Research paper analyzing three startups' impact and effectiveness in addressing women's’ issues of affordable feminine hygiene products and eliminating the “pink” tax