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Our mentors come from Stanford, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, NYU and other top-tier universities and colleges. They are educators in a wide range of disciplines and are not only accomplished experts with impressive CVs, but also enjoy working with students and embarking on a path of discovery together.  

Mentors typically work with our students over the phone or in person exploring a topic area in depth resulting in a research paper or other type of independent project. Mentorships typically consist of 10 hours working 1:1 over the course of a summer or semester.

Mentorships are paid and participating in a particular mentorship is always at the mentor’s discretion.  Please confirm your current employment allows for an outside employer before applying.

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Hugo offers a level of customization that is very rare--students can find a mentor in such a wide field of interests (for example...SHARKS). I also know that there is a very human process behind the service; the company is accessible and guides students through in a way that matches the level of service I offer clients. I also appreciate being able to communicate with the team as a college counselor so I am confident that the experience will prove useful in the college application process.

Sarah S.
College Advisor

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As a mentor, what I valued most about Hugo was the sustained enthusiasm of my mentees. They were genuinely initiated, deeply curious, and very sharp. I learned a lot from their projects and our conversations were engaging and rich.

Professor Christopher Schlottman, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor of Environmental Studies; Director of Undergraduate Studies; NYU

It is a privilege to be on a personal learning journey with high school students ! I enjoy guiding students in thoughtful reflection - and, hearing their enthusiasm about the discovery process -- both about the content of their project and often, about themselves. Each and every student I have worked with through Hugo Mentors brings a unique perspective and a strong interest in learning more. And, the commitment they each bring to these elective projects on top of demanding school work and social life, is inspiring. I look forward to meeting new students going forward - thank you Hugo Mentors!

Dr. Robin Stern. Ph.D.
Associate Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

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