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Students pursuing a mentorship in astronomy seek to understand everything observed outside of Earth’s atmosphere, from the comets and planets in our solar system, to distant galaxies and the echoes of the Big Bang. Closer to home, astronomical studies are essential to understanding the evolution of Earth's atmosphere and the factors that drive climate changes. 

While studying astrobiology, astrophysics, cosmology, astrostatistics and data science, exoplanets, or instrumentation, students gain skills in a wide range of fields including physics, math, computer science, critical thinking, and problem solving.



Case Study
Calculated radiation dosage and fraction of solar particles shielded by Earth’s magnetic field as a function of particle momentum
Case Study
Calculated the image lensed by a black hole through Python, given a source image and known black hole parameters
Case Study
A computer model of the transit light curve of exoplanet WASP-18b created through Python

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