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A mentorship in ethic studies is an excellent choice for students interested in the intersectionality of race and class. Ethnic studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the experiences of African American, Asian American, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. Past mentorships have ranged in investigating current and historical issues. They’ve  assessed Idaho’s “Welcoming America” program for immigrants and how NAFTA’s “War on Drugs” influences Mexican immigration, and have examined  the Black, Red, and Hispanic Power movements of the 1970s.

Such research gives students a powerful, contextualized understanding of the historical underpinnings behind cultural identity, Othering and belonging in America, offering a strong foundation for future careers in history, sociology, literature, politics, or psychology.

Ethnic Studies


Lesson Plans
Case Study
Guide for high school faculty on teaching about Chinese American identity
Academic Papers
Case Study
Research paper exploring the Chinese American experience with aging in this country, and how it compares to the traditional notion of filial piety in Asian culture
Case Study
Research paper on ancient Celtic peoples within Britain
Case Study
A curriculum on Asian American history created to fill existing gaps in high schoolers knowledge and to highlight underrepresented stories of Asian American discrimination

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