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hugo's Classics Pre-College programs connect students with mentors at leading universities for summer or acadEmic year programs

Students pursue independent research projects designed around itheir specific intersts: latin or ancient greek language and translation; ancient history; mythology,;religious and social pratices; art and architecture.

A mentorship in Classics allows students to engage deeply with the Greco-Roman world of the past through an interdisciplinary lens. While strengthening their language skills in Latin or ancient Greek, students of Classics also learn about the philosophy, art, politics, history and culture of antiquity. A Classics mentorship truly brings the ancient world to life for students craving to go beyond the introduction offered by high school Greek or Latin.

Sample projects

A virtual gallery exhibition juxtaposing several works of antiquity and images representing antiquity with images that point to Classics' persistence today.

High-level translation of Seneca’s Thyestes from the original Latin to English with annotations and analysis

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