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Environmental Studies Mentorships

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Students interested in the interplay between humans and the environment should consider a mentorship program in environmental studies. Students begin their mentorship by exploring the current environmental crisis through physical, chemical, biological, and social processes.

Students can then apply economic methods, concepts of environmental policy analysis, and environmental management as they work to protect biodiversity, achieve sustainable development, and facilitate ecological balance/restoration. A mentorship in environmental studies cultivates students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, and research skills.

Environmental Studies


Memo that clarifies the impacts and values at stake in deciding between local and imported foods

Review article on the effects of airborne microplastics on human health, which was published in the Young Scientists Journal

Policy memo for a US Congressperson based on cutting-edge environmental science research that addresses key environmental needs of their district, including natural disasters, transportation and food supply

Measuring the efficacy of a new nonprofit program establishing solar power in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

An innovative intermittent renewable energy grid for Caribbean islands impacted by climate change that relies on solar and wind power and can withstand a Category 5 hurricane