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A mentorship in chemistry allows interested students to delve deeply into the study of matter, its properties, and how and why substances combine to form other substances.  The study of chemistry has the potential to provide solutions for important questions about health, the environment, and many other issues facing society, and helps students develop sharp critical thinking and analytic skills.  Chemistry mentorships can focus on research or lab activities depending on a student’s interests and learning style. Students eager to understand chemistry as a precursor to medical studies or those interested in the academic discipline can further their research and analytical skills through a chemistry mentorship.  Chemistry final projects have included proposals and posters.



Academic Papers
Case Study
Constructivist analysis of nuclear weapons as deterrents
Case Study
Design and development of a prototype of a fuel cell that valorizes carbon from the atmosphere
Case Study
Poster presentation on plant sources and natural dyes, demonstrating experimental findings on factors affecting change in the color of dye from safflower petals
Case Study
Creation of a podcast series with interviews, information, and discussion about the rare and difficult-to-diagnose disease Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).
Case Study
A proposal for adaptive synthesis of a recently discovered class of molecules

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