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Students who wonder why people behave differently in social settings, or why social hierarchies or social power affect a group's success would benefit from a mentorship in sociology. A mentorship in sociology explore how individual people or social or ethnic groups are influenced by larger social forces, institutions, and structures. Students learn how their life experience is shared by others, molded by patterns in behavior, process, and opportunity.

Sociology mentorships prepare students for a future career addressing social inequity, and can apply a sociological view to systems and processes as they build their skills in critical thinking, analysis, communication, quantitative reasoning, research, and social skills. With these transferable skills, students go on to study engineering, education, medicine, public policy, psychology, and law, amongst others.



Course module on mass incarceration in the US from Reconstruction through the present, with a focus on how prison is depicted in our culture and the media

A paper and presentation proposing a new framework for civic engagement at the high-school level

Researched and composed six scripts for a podcast series about student rights and inequalities

A comparative analysis of India and China's respective responses to COVID-19 and the resulting economic impact

Comparative analysis of five different social justice-oriented theatre groups, assessing their diversity and effectiveness

Analysis of how statues' significance has changed since ancient history, assessing how shifting public values impacts the monuments we maintain or tear down