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A mentorship in sports can take many forms, depending on which focus most interests a student. Those drawn to the business of sports can focus on the logistics of college, semi-pro, and professional sports, while those interested in sports performance might study the psychological effects of social, cultural, and team dynamics on individual performance or athletes’ mind-body connection. In a sports mentorship, students can take their interest as an athlete or fan and translate it into a viable career path or academic passion. Previous final projects have included academic research articles on chronic traumatic encephalopathy in football players, op-eds on nepotism in the NFL and the influence of race in NFL hiring practices, as well as proposals and best practices to reduce concussion risk in young athletes.



Case Study
Opinion essay examining the intersection of economics and sports, with a focus on examples of how behavioral economics principles apply in the sports world
Case Study
Comprehensive workout plan and presentation designed for squash players recovering from injury
Case Study
Op-eds on nepotism in the NFL, influence of race in NFL hiring practices and the legacy of Giannis Antetokounmpo in the NBA
Case Studies
Case Study
Academic review paper of the science behind chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which covered the history of the disease, animal models in CTE testing, modern CTE pathology, diagnosis and treatment
Case Study
Business model and pitch deck for a youth athletic academy that would bring tennis to underserved communities
Case Study
Prototype for a new football helmet to better prevent concussions designed with a neuroscientist at a top research university

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