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Film mentorships can take an academic approach to cinema or a more hands-on approach to film production. Students interested in criticism can build a foundation for understanding film’s relation to culture, history, technology, and aesthetics. Through such mentorships, students learn how to analyze film and produce research that takes into account how a work stands in relation to broader  cultural, political, and historical context. 

Alternatively, young filmmakers can learn best practices of the field in the industry they aspire to join. They can study the various elements a director must consider, from mise-en-scene and lighting to character development, dramatic tension and pacing, to learn what’s “under the hood” of effective cinematic storytelling. Alternatively, those interested in post-production can dive into editing and color grading while working with existing footage they’ve shot. Whether gaining a deeper appreciation for film as an artform or practical experience in creating their own work, students engaging in film mentorships are sure to emerge with a stronger critical eye and confidence in their own creative expression.



Digital Content
Case Study
A 42-minute video essay analyzing cinematic portrayals of WWI and what they reveal about society's shifting attitudes towards the moral questions the conflict elicited
Case Study
A comparative film analysis considering the concept of “time” in the two coming-of-age stories, Moonlight and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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