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1-on-1 learning and original research projects customized around students' interests

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A mentorship in education facilitates a deep dive into the world of teaching and learning, cultivating students’ critical thinking, communication, and organizational skills. Students can explore pedagogical theories, investigate effective teaching methodology, learn more about issues of educational access and equity, and explore ways of encouraging best practices in a variety of settings, from formal classrooms to after-school programs. Students can develop their own curricula for peers at their school or volunteer programs, take on critical perspectives regarding issues in education they care about or cultivate their own unique approach to encouraging the pursuit of knowledge, helping them grow into impactful future educators. 



Researched and composed six scripts for a podcast series about student rights and inequalities

Teaching portfolio of STEM lesson plans for elementary grades

Social emotional learning (SEL) after school program curriculum for Kindergarteners, with accompanying informational website to teach parents and teachers how to support kids with social emotional learning tools at home and in the classroom

Website on body positivity offering resources for schools looking to add body image literacy to their health curricula

School-based curriculum for suicide prevention using interventions identified as “best practices” in academic literature