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1:1 learning and original research projects customized around students' interests

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Students interested in protecting, preserving and making the smartest possible use of the planet's natural resources should consider a mentorship in sustainability. It’s interdisciplinary and combines studies of ecological and environmental health with economic welfare and social justice.

Students can explore the green movement, evaluate agricultural practices, compare green and traditional construction methods, write policy briefs on consumer and economic trends, an expose on corporate greenwashing, or suggest strategies for fuel or automotive transitions. Student projects can integrate a broad range of interests, such as engineering, fashion, urban studies, visual or performative art, and dozens of other areas.



Design and development of a prototype of a fuel cell that valorizes carbon from the atmosphere

Analysis of how different countries are addressing or failing to address climate change and the important role top greenhouse gas emitters can play on the world stage

Creation of a slidedeck for public presentation educating young audiences on individual and public responses to food waste

A primer on the apparel and retail supply chain with recommendations for small boutique owners

Memo that clarifies the impacts and values at stake in deciding between local and imported foods

Research paper and accompanying policy brief on the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies

Analysis exploring how different countries will be affected by the transition to renewable energy sources

A business plan and marketing analysis to launch a closed-loop portable shower

Original magazine about sustainable fashion, featuring articles on the industry's ethical and ecological issues and a unique research-based sustainability rating scale for fashion retailers

Policy memo for a US Congressperson based on cutting-edge environmental science research that addresses key environmental needs of their district, including natural disasters, transportation and food supply

Measuring the efficacy of a new nonprofit program establishing solar power in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Foldable solar cell that was designed using mathematical principles of symplectic geometry through origami

An innovative intermittent renewable energy grid for Caribbean islands impacted by climate change that relies on solar and wind power and can withstand a Category 5 hurricane