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Sustainable Fashion Magazine

Building a career portfolio

Mentee Profile

A rising senior who interned with a regional publication, Ella wanted to engage in an impactful project over the summer that would also combine her interest in both fashion and the publishing industry.

Mentee Goals

Expand her knowledge of politics/sustainability in fashion

Enhance her readiness for college level work

Improve her writing, editing, research, and organizational skills

Mentor Match

Ella's mentor is an adjunct professor at both the Fashion Institute of Technology and Harvard University with 10+ years of experience focusing on sustainable fashion and beauty.

Custom Curriculum

Skill Development

Ella developed her writing and editing skills while learning the fundamentals of sustainable fashion, covering major environmental and social issues within the fashion industry.


Ella first worked to establish the theme of the magazine, framing her “Letter from the Editor," then built out the editorial content through her own writing and by commissioning pieces to others

Final Project

An original sustainable fashion magazine, complete with articles on supply chain, forced and child labor, as well as opinion pieces on vegan clothing and sewing and an original research-based checklist to assess fashion brands' ethical ranking.


Students self-reported large gains in:

Research skills

Organizational skills

Technical skills

Accomplishing a personal goal

Appreciation for the value of her own contributions

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Hugo has run hundreds of mentorships across dozens of fields.  Each of them are unique and designed around the students background, goals and interests.  Below are some of the final projects students developed during their mentorships.

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