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Unpacking Seneca's Thyestes

Discovering an academic passion


Mentee Profile

A straight-A junior in public high school, Jeremy was eager to delve into his existing interest in the ancient world at a deeper level than his high school Latin courses allowed.

Mentee Goals

Deepen his Latin reading comprehension, vocabulary and translation skills by immersing himself in one ancient text in the original Latin.

Prepare for higher level academic work in the humanities by working with secondary readings and learning how to read and engage with such scholarship.

Develop his academic writing skills, synthesizing his translation and reading in a final argumentative paper.

Mentor Match

Jeremy's mentor was an associate professor in Classics at Georgetown University who teaches Latin at all levels, alongside courses on ancient Roman art, architecture, urbanism, literature and culture.

Custom Curriculum

Skill Development

Jeremy improved his technical skills in Latin, including reading comprehension and translation, and developed his acuity for literary analysis, looking at Seneca's play as a work of literature within its cultural and historical context.


Jeremy translated passages from Seneca's Thyestes using a Latin-English dictionary and a text and commentary designed for use by undergraduate and graduate students, discussing the meaning and grammar of each with his mentor during sessions. He also read and discussed secondary scholarship on Seneca.

Final Project

For his final project, Jeremy completed a paper that engaged both primary and secondary scholarship, in which he argued that Seneca offers a more sympathetic view of animals (and their relative position vis-a-vis humans) in Thyestes than elsewhere in his other writings.


Students self-reported large gains in:

Increased academic self-confidence

Research skills

Organizational skills

Technical skills

Accomplishing a personal goal

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