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Every project is unique, reflecting the students' specific learning objectives and interests. Final projects range from college-level research papers to product prototypes.

Advocacy mentorships empower students to create change in the world around them, learning how to become effective advocates for the issues they are passionate about. Students learn to use research to identify and propose policy reforms in everything from education to the environment to social justice, creating advocacy proposals or writing op-eds about why their suggested changes are necessary and how they can best be implemented.

Sample projects

Research paper proposing mitigation strategies to minimize impacts of beauty industry on marine ecosystems.

Statistical analysis and paper examining differential impacts of COVID on education and mental well-being for students with disabilities

Statistical analysis and policy recommendations to combat gender discrimination for refugees entering the US

Policy proposal offering solutions to add protection for agricultural prison workers

A virtual exhibition addressing the climate crisis by highlighting ways nature provides exquisite beauty and the sublime

Live Zoom presentation to a broad audience explaining ESG's principles and how it can support a more sustainable future

Co-wrote an article published in Ms. Magazine on a Texas lawsuit that threatened to bankrupt Planned Parenthood

Research proposal analyzing why opioid deaths continue to rise, even with Nalaxone's increasing availability

A young voters' handbook, offering a history of voters' rights, vital information about registration and upcoming elections, and why voting is crucial for our democracy's health

A well-researched analysis of the loneliness epidemic's impact on seniors and how letter writing can ameliorate it, shared on a website encouraging young people to write to the elderly

Photographic series that sheds light on food waste in the U.S.

Report on food justice analyzing corporate causes and solutions to inequity

Academic research paper analyzing the economics of educational access

Academic paper that analyzes why four different U.S. states with similar voting laws have different voter turnout

Brochure consisting of NYC map overlaying library locations with pertinent data and actionable recommendations.

Paper sharing local-scale climate and pollution mitigation strategies for Greenwich residents.

Project proposal for a social justice dance project raising awareness and support for dyslexic dancers

Analysis of how different countries are addressing or failing to address climate change and the important role top greenhouse gas emitters can play on the world stage

Creation of a slidedeck for public presentation educating young audiences on individual and public responses to food waste

Course module on mass incarceration in the US from Reconstruction through the present, with a focus on how prison is depicted in our culture and the media

Analysis of union vs. non-union construction outcomes in the private sector with recommendations for the public sector

Policy brief with innovative recommendations for increased access to affordable housing for the workforce in NYC

A paper and presentation proposing a new framework for civic engagement at the high-school level

Research paper examining the impact of moral messages on Instagram users' self-esteem and body image beliefs

Researched and composed six scripts for a podcast series about student rights and inequalities

Research paper documenting how youth voting is increased by automatic pre-voting registration

Policy Brief proposing equity-based solutions to Black maternal mortality in the United States

Review article on the effects of airborne microplastics on human health, which was published in the Young Scientists Journal

Policy memo for congressional representative that supports implementing Stepping Up, an initiative to reduce the number of mentally ill people in jails, within Richmond County

A policy recommendation targeting Egyptian universities to increase gender parity, based on research of Egyptian women’s experience of sexual violence, workplace harassment and discrimination and the nation’s growing #MeToo movement

Comparative analysis of five different social justice-oriented theatre groups, assessing their diversity and effectiveness

Academic paper comparing the 2014 Ebola Epidemic in West Africa to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020

Original advocacy proposal that reimagines campus food banks to address rising food insecurity in university settings

Original magazine about sustainable fashion, featuring articles on the industry's ethical and ecological issues and a unique research-based sustainability rating scale for fashion retailers

Business model and pitch deck for a youth athletic academy that would bring tennis to underserved communities

Research paper analyzing three startups' impact and effectiveness in addressing women's’ issues of affordable feminine hygiene products and eliminating the “pink” tax

Original website sharing historical, political and economical information on the global refugee crisis with resources encouraging advocacy

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