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Every project is unique, reflecting the students' specific learning objectives and interests. Final projects range from college-level research papers to product prototypes.

Hugo mentorships in science, technology, engineering, or math allow students to develop their critical thinking, scientific literacy, and innovative instincts. Through delving deeply into the hard sciences, they investigate solutions to real-world problems and explore the inventive potential of theoretical work. Whether learning a coding language to develop their own machine learning algorithm, designing an original prototype or writing a review paper proposing new solutions to an existing problem, STEM mentorships allow students to set the stage for an impactful future of tackling pressing issues through scientific rigor.

Sample projects

Essay addressing the influences and challenges posed by bots within digital platform ecosystems

Review paper exploring complexities of infectious Chagas disease management and global public health

Calculation of the wavefunctions and matrices that describe the spin basis of non-relativistic particles in quantum mechanics

Designed and ran circuits for the manuscript co-written on quantum computing

Research paper on forgiveness and the forgiveness process using a neurological/neuroevolutionary approach.

Paper on FLAIR white matter hyperintensities as a long-term consequence of repetitive head impacts.

Paper on cancer and autoimmunity therapeutics, focusing on CAR T cells and checkpoint immunotherapy.

Research proposal analyzing why opioid deaths continue to rise, even with Nalaxone's increasing availability

Paper and presentation evaluating launch timing decisions for Elon Musk's cybertruck and neural chip, using game theory models

Presentation explaining the physics of neutron stars and black holes for a lay audience

Design and development of a prototype of a fuel cell that valorizes carbon from the atmosphere

Conceptualization, design, and development of a pavilion in response to a brief to create a public space that met a variety of community needs

Poster presentation on plant sources and natural dyes, demonstrating experimental findings on factors affecting change in the color of dye from safflower petals

Slide deck proposing a video game narrative adapted from another medium, together with creation of an original Twine story and related interactive game experience that led to a playable narrative

Literature review that illuminates the complexity of the medical anthropology of diet and wellness by exploring the cultural factors affecting choices, perceptions of diet, and the role it plays in overall wellness

Creation of a podcast series with interviews, information, and discussion about the rare and difficult-to-diagnose disease Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

A literature review documenting qualitative and quantitative perspectives on the impact of dance on mind/body and a website that shared findings on how perseverance and grit/discipline affect both dancers and people with diseases.

A primer on the apparel and retail supply chain with recommendations for small boutique owners

Memo that clarifies the impacts and values at stake in deciding between local and imported foods

Teaching portfolio of STEM lesson plans for elementary grades

Tested quantum entanglement hypothesis using IBM Quantum processors

Policy brief exploring the relationship between ozone and asthma in Illinois

Analysis exploring how different countries will be affected by the transition to renewable energy sources

Academic synthesis exploring the neurophysiological processes connecting religion/spirituality and athletics

Blog article on the CRISPR/Cas gene editing system, focusing on implications and use

A fail-safe mechanism for automated flight created using fault-injection method

Calculated radiation dosage and fraction of solar particles shielded by Earth’s magnetic field as a function of particle momentum

A proposal for adaptive synthesis of a recently discovered class of molecules

Design brief for a shopping basket to assist wheelchair-bound grocery shoppers navigate narrow grocery stores

Policy Brief proposing equity-based solutions to Black maternal mortality in the United States

Review article on the effects of airborne microplastics on human health, which was published in the Young Scientists Journal

Academic review paper of the science behind chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which covered the history of the disease, animal models in CTE testing, modern CTE pathology, diagnosis and treatment

Calculated the image lensed by a black hole through Python, given a source image and known black hole parameters

A completed CAD model, finished prototype and report for an electric vehicle designed by the student

Application of machine learning algorithm to predict song genres using raw data from Spotify

Policy memo for a US Congressperson based on cutting-edge environmental science research that addresses key environmental needs of their district, including natural disasters, transportation and food supply

Measuring the efficacy of a new nonprofit program establishing solar power in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Foldable solar cell that was designed using mathematical principles of symplectic geometry through origami

Prototype for a new football helmet to better prevent concussions designed with a neuroscientist at a top research university

An innovative intermittent renewable energy grid for Caribbean islands impacted by climate change that relies on solar and wind power and can withstand a Category 5 hurricane

A computer model of the transit light curve of exoplanet WASP-18b created through Python

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