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Every project is unique, reflecting the students' specific learning objectives and interests. Final projects range from college-level research papers to product prototypes.

Through Hugo Arts Mentorships, students can develop their creative passions, whether it be in music, theatre arts, creative writing, photography or visual arts. Under the guidance of seasoned professional artists and teachers, mentees in the arts can sharpen their skills and technique, build their portfolios and learn to hone their own expressive voices in the context of artists who have come before them.

Sample projects

An original watercolor inspired by the Callisto section of Ovid's Fasti, with an accompanying artist's statement exploring themes in Ovid's work and how it intersects with issues of power, agency, morality and sexism today

Academic paper on the "femme forte," analyzing the work and lives of three important painters from the Renaissance and Baroque periods

A virtual exhibition addressing the climate crisis by highlighting ways nature provides exquisite beauty and the sublime

An analysis of four musical movements embodying the theme of "Renaissance" with an accompanying playlist for readers

A 42-minute video essay analyzing cinematic portrayals of WWI and what they reveal about society's shifting attitudes towards the moral questions the conflict elicited

Essay on street fashion exploring the impact of designer Virgil Abloh's iconic Air Jordan 1 sneaker

Photographic series that sheds light on food waste in the U.S.

A fully produced, original audio production of an excerpt from Mary Zimmerman's play, Metamorphoses

Virtual exhibit exploring themes of betrothal and marriage in Renaissance portraits

Creation of photo book with explanations of Latin American female photographers, examples of their work, and original photographs in response to each artist's work

Project proposal for a social justice dance project raising awareness and support for dyslexic dancers

Creation of an original website with blog posts discussing the healing power of intergenerational social dance

Recording of an original arrangement of celebrated Irish songs which involved a musical collaboration between mentor and mentee after a deep study of the historic, cultural, and musical significance of the pieces

Conceptualization, design, and development of a pavilion in response to a brief to create a public space that met a variety of community needs

Literature review paper on the history of musical instrument innovation, with a focus on the European trumpet

A literature review documenting qualitative and quantitative perspectives on the impact of dance on mind/body and a website that shared findings on how perseverance and grit/discipline affect both dancers and people with diseases.

Original musical arrangement and the development of a handbook on vocal ensemble leadership

Policy brief exploring the relationship between ozone and asthma in Illinois

A comparative film analysis considering the concept of “time” in the two coming-of-age stories, Moonlight and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Photojournalistic project documenting quarantine and family life during the summer of 2020

Comparative analysis of five different social justice-oriented theatre groups, assessing their diversity and effectiveness

Analysis of how statues' significance has changed since ancient history, assessing how shifting public values impacts the monuments we maintain or tear down

Historical analysis of dance's evolution in the United States, and how "American dance" embodies the ideals of freedom and democracy

Complete production of an original, full-length composition, complete with melody, harmony, and beats

A virtual gallery exhibition juxtaposing several works of antiquity and images representing antiquity with images that point to Classics' persistence today

Transmedia project focused on Holocaust remembrance using personal narratives and photojournalism to record survivor testimonials

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