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Every project is unique, reflecting the students' specific learning objectives and interests. Final projects range from college-level research papers to product prototypes.

Career mentorships allow students to develop and showcase essential skills that set the necessary foundation for a future profession, whether it be in sports management, media, arts, law, politics and more. Students in career mentorships have developed pitch decks, slideshow presentations, policy proposals, and portfolios showcasing their work, developing their writing and public speaking skills with the help of mentors who are educators with years of experience in the career field their mentees aspire to enter.

Sample projects

Research paper proposing mitigation strategies to minimize impacts of beauty industry on marine ecosystems.

Paper on FLAIR white matter hyperintensities as a long-term consequence of repetitive head impacts.

Paper on cancer and autoimmunity therapeutics, focusing on CAR T cells and checkpoint immunotherapy.

Live Zoom presentation to a broad audience explaining ESG's principles and how it can support a more sustainable future

Data-driven analysis of Yelp reviews, revealing how star ratings predict the continued operations of restaurants

Development and presentation of cosmetic brand mission and business code of conduct

Analysis of union vs. non-union construction outcomes in the private sector with recommendations for the public sector

Comprehensive workout plan and presentation designed for squash players recovering from injury

Developed an experiment to test how gender and signals of confidence impact entrepreneurial outcomes

A primer on the apparel and retail supply chain with recommendations for small boutique owners

Research paper and accompanying policy brief on the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies

Research paper on juvenile sentencing under the Eighth Amendment, addressing Supreme Court rulings

A business plan and marketing analysis to launch a closed-loop portable shower

Op-eds on nepotism in the NFL, influence of race in NFL hiring practices and the legacy of Giannis Antetokounmpo in the NBA

Academic review paper of the science behind chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which covered the history of the disease, animal models in CTE testing, modern CTE pathology, diagnosis and treatment

Photojournalistic project documenting quarantine and family life during the summer of 2020

Policy memo for congressional representative that supports implementing Stepping Up, an initiative to reduce the number of mentally ill people in jails, within Richmond County

A policy recommendation targeting Egyptian universities to increase gender parity, based on research of Egyptian women’s experience of sexual violence, workplace harassment and discrimination and the nation’s growing #MeToo movement

Academic paper comparing the 2014 Ebola Epidemic in West Africa to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020

Original advocacy proposal that reimagines campus food banks to address rising food insecurity in university settings

Original magazine about sustainable fashion, featuring articles on the industry's ethical and ecological issues and a unique research-based sustainability rating scale for fashion retailers

Business model and pitch deck for a youth athletic academy that would bring tennis to underserved communities

Research paper analyzing three startups' impact and effectiveness in addressing women's’ issues of affordable feminine hygiene products and eliminating the “pink” tax

An original article analyzing startups in the autonomous delivery space, assessing how the actions these businesses took during the pandemic will contribute to their success

Measuring the efficacy of a new nonprofit program establishing solar power in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

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