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Business-minded students interested in developing their creativity, innovation, design skills, and leadership are a good fit for mentorship in entrepreneurship. Most of our mentorships in this area focus on social entrepreneurship, where students look at innovative ways to solve pressing problems in the world and within local communities through the application of business principles. It is a perfect fit for self-starting individuals eager to learn how to take action and bring their ideas to life.

In studying entrepreneurship, students can learn the basic principles behind starting a business and how to avoid common pitfalls. They learn how to develop project plans or refine their existing business plans using PESTEL and SWOT analyses, as well as how to pitch their ideas more effectively. As students gain startup skills, they can compare and contrast social enterprises from businesses, create sources documenting best practices in innovative operations models, or explore the laws of intellectual property, patents and copyrights.



Developed an experiment to test how gender and signals of confidence impact entrepreneurial outcomes

A business plan and marketing analysis to launch a closed-loop portable shower

Business model and pitch deck for a youth athletic academy that would bring tennis to underserved communities

Research paper analyzing three startups' impact and effectiveness in addressing women's’ issues of affordable feminine hygiene products and eliminating the “pink” tax

An original article analyzing startups in the autonomous delivery space, assessing how the actions these businesses took during the pandemic will contribute to their success