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Students interested in people’s thoughts, mental operations, behavior, and performance, should consider a mentorship in psychology. Psychology lies at the intersection of theoretical, applied, and educational science. 

A mentorship in psychology allows students to understand behavior, treat mental health issues, and propose improvements in education, employment, and relationships. Projects in psychology can range from exploring the science of persuasion, propaganda, and marketing, to evaluating psychological disorders and their specific treatment modalities, or investigating topics related to cognition, such as false memories or dreaming.



Comprehensive literature review paper examining body image, stereotyping, and hiring decisions, documenting negative impacts of sizeism on female job candidates

Creation of an original website with blog posts discussing the healing power of intergenerational social dance

Draft paper based on an original research experiment examining political polarization and online posts

Research experiment examining the impact of moral messages on self-esteem and body image beliefs of Instagram users

Developed an experiment to test how gender and signals of confidence impact entrepreneurial outcomes

Student-led curriculum focused on educating high school students about mental health, with a focus on stress and anxiety management

Research paper documenting how youth voting is increased by automatic pre-voting registration

A research-based guidebook that provides useful tips and informations for high schoolers coping with anxiety

Policy brief on social learning from digital misinformation

Collection of op-ed pieces examining the link between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their associations with adult criminality

Policy memo for congressional representative that supports implementing Stepping Up, an initiative to reduce the number of mentally ill people in jails, within Richmond County

Social emotional learning (SEL) after school program curriculum for Kindergarteners, with accompanying informational website to teach parents and teachers how to support kids with social emotional learning tools at home and in the classroom

Website on body positivity offering resources for schools looking to add body image literacy to their health curricula

Phone app that uses principles of emotional intelligence to help teenagers achieve more positive emotional states, impacting both their well-being and academic performance

School-based curriculum for suicide prevention using interventions identified as “best practices” in academic literature