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Those interested in understanding humanity’s past and its relationship to our present may benefit from examining history through the lens of art, one of humanity’s most universal activities.

An art history mentorship teaches students to identify, classify, describe, evaluate, and interpret the art products and development of the visual, graphic, plastic, performing, decorative, and musical arts. Student projects range from investigating the effect of science on sculpture, to analyzing the most frequently used symbols in Frida Kahlo’s paintings, or an exposition on how commedia dell’arte characters were shaped by ideas and stereotypes of the day.

Art History


Creation of photo book with explanations of Latin American female photographers, examples of their work, and original photographs in response to each artist's work

Analysis of how statues' significance has changed since ancient history, assessing how shifting public values impacts the monuments we maintain or tear down

A virtual gallery exhibition juxtaposing several works of antiquity and images representing antiquity with images that point to Classics' persistence today