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Whether a novice or expert, students pursuing a mentorship in music can significantly improve their discipline, self-confidence, creativity, and mental capacity. Students can focus their mentorship on the creation, recording, or performance of music with a focus on composition, sound engineering, conducting, or music production. They can also take a more interdisciplinary and academic approach through musicology, with a focus on cultural and historical periods of music, or the application of music, such as in art therapy. Past student projects have included a historical analysis of Detroit techno’s evolution, a complete full-length electronic music composition, an original a capella arrangement for a student’s school ensemble and a research paper analyzing the “glocalization” of the music industry.

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Recording of an original arrangement of celebrated Irish songs which involved a musical collaboration between mentor and mentee after a deep study of the historic, cultural, and musical significance of the pieces

Literature review paper on the history of musical instrument innovation, with a focus on the European trumpet

Op-ed on the potential of public music programs to alleviate hardship at the U.S.-Mexico border

Original musical arrangement and the development of a handbook on vocal ensemble leadership

Essay exploring the history and musical evolution of Detroit techno

Complete production of an original, full-length composition, complete with melody, harmony, and beats