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Payment Timeline

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When you submit your mentorship plan on Worksuite after your first mentorship meeting, your first payment of 30% of your rate will be approved.

When you submit your midterm report on Worksuite at the midway point of the mentorship, your second payment of the next 30% of your rate will be approved.

When you submit your final evaluation on Worksuite after the last mentorship meeting, your final payment of the remaining 40% of your rate will be approved.

Hugo payments are processed weekly; you will receive payment within 10 business days of submitting a milestone. After your payment is processed, you should receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. Due to the way milestones work in Worksuite, we might leave off the percentage from the final payment or the midterm meeting until we double check with you that those accurately reflect the reality of your mentorship. This is to ensure that you’ll be paid correctly at the right time, and only happens if extensions or accelerated schedule changes are made.

Keep in Mind

Since these mentorships are customized to each student and can shift according to your needs, sometimes you might wind up doing one longer meeting of two hours instead of meeting twice for two one-hour meetings. If you need to adjust your plan (and therefore your Milestones in Worksuite), just let the Program Coach know—we want to make sure we’re keeping track of your total hours and that, by the midpoint, you’re actually at the correct number of hours (i.e. five hours in for a ten-hour mentorship, six for a twelve-hour contract, etc.)

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