Best Practices

Scheduling with your Mentee

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Hugo Program Coaches work with mentees to help students learn professionalism skills, including proper email etiquette, timeliness in communication, and scheduling. Since mentees are early in their learning process, we recommend scheduling as many sessions as possible at your first one-on-one meeting. If this is not possible, you should always schedule the next meeting during your current meeting.  

While it is not your responsibility to remind students of sessions, to help them develop scheduling skills, you might have students use the following strategies:

  • Entering meetings directly into their calendars when you schedule them
  • Setting up reminders/alerts on their phone or desktop
  • Having them send scheduled reminder emails to themselves a day or two ahead of each meeting so they don’t forget to turn in work.

If you have questions, concerns, or sage advice to offer on scheduling with a mentee, please reach out to a Program Coach.  We’re always looking to update best practices!

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