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Sample Social Sciences Midterm Review Notes

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Specific instructions for how to upload your midterm review notes in Worksuite can be found in our “Entering/Uploading Notes and Documents in Worksuite” guide.  For those interested in seeing examples, below are midterm review notes written by a past Humanities mentor.  All names have been redacted to preserve the privacy of Hugo mentors and mentees.

Midterm Check in! Please offer an overview of what you've covered in your mentorship. so far and your mentee's progress. Please include your trajectory for the remainder of your mentorship, including any adjustments to the goals of your mentorship. This is shared with parents, so full sentences/details are appreciated!

Student has written more than half of a superb research paper about the role of gender and education in shaping the outcomes for refugees in the United States. She’s done substantial background research, written an annotated bibliography, and introduction, and parts of a literature review. This writing builds on a previous interest and a desire to help refugees, as well as a desire to shape policy. She also entered with strong methodological skills and a desire to do real-world research. I’m quite impressed with her attitude and hard work, and she’s done very impressive work thus far!

Mentee check in: Please summarize your mentee's progress as a student and strengths as well-- how have they grown over the course of the first half of your program? (This will be shared with parents, so some detail would be appreciated!)

Student came in with very strong methodological skills and a strong background on refugees and gender. She also had unusually strong research and writing skills. We’ve been able to continue building on those skills. I’ve helped her refine her research project and gather and summarize the sources she is finding. I am also helping her narrow and focus her projects, and work on the practical “nuts and bolt” of research. But she is doing amazing work, what I would expect of a Master’s student – quite impressive!

What is the student's deliverable? Is the student still on track to complete this final project by the conclusion of the mentorship? If not, please let us know what your concerns are/what the risk factors may be.

Student is looking to complete a 12-15 page research paper, with a quantitative component, a qualitative component (a case study), some plots and graphs, and a set of policy recommendations. She is more than halfway done and has been working very hard. We’re continuing to narrow and focus on the project, and to make a list of practical steps necessary to complete. But she’s doing great!

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