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Entering/Uploading Notes and Documents in Worksuite

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Beginning with the first session, we ask that you enter notes in Worksuite after each session with your mentee.  (After the first session we also ask you to upload a mentorship plan.)  The session notes enable the Program Coach to keep track of the mentorship’s progress and be helpful to you and the student if questions or issues arise.  Many mentors also tell us that logging these notes after every session makes it easy to write up the midterm review and final evaluation which we ask you to upload through Worksuite as well.  These documents help us track the mentorship as it progresses and serve as triggers in the system for payments that are due to you.

You can access the mentorship in your Worksuite account at any point by going to, clicking on either “Dashboard” or “Mentorships” along the left-hand toolbar, and navigating to the mentorship page.  

For detailed instructions on accepting the Worksuite invitation and signing the Confirmation Agreement before the mentorship begins, please see our guide “Accepting a Mentorship in Worksuite.”

Entering meeting notes and uploading the Mentorship Plan after the first session

At the first session you, the student, and the Program Coach will have discussed a roadmap for the mentorship which needs to be put into a formal document using our Mentorship Plan template and uploaded to Worksuite.  The Mentorship Plan, which will be shared with the student’s parents, will be used by the Program Coach to monitor progress and clarify any questions about expectations.

Please use our Mentorship Plan template, using the template for HumanitiesSTEM, or Social Sciences mentorships, as is applicable.  (The Program Coach will have emailed the appropriate template to you, and you can also find the templates in the Mentor Resources section of our website.)  

You will not be able to submit notes from the first session without also uploading the Mentorship Plan, so please prepare the Mentorship Plan document before you try to submit your notes for the first session in Worksuite. 

When you have completed the Mentorship Plan and are ready to submit your notes and upload the plan, go to the mentorship’s page in Worksuite, which will show a list of “Milestones” as seen in the screenshot below (in Worksuite each session is referred to as a Milestone).

To enter your meeting notes and upload the plan, click on the blue “Add and Submit” button next to Session 1.  You will be asked to report the timing and length of the session that just occurred, the details of the next scheduled session, and whether the student met your expectations.   If you wish to enter any additional notes/information, there is space for you to do so.   We always ask if you would like the Program Coach to follow up with you after each session - please feel free to reach out with questions and do keep us in the loop with any concerns that you may have.

Once you click submit, the session notes and Mentorship Plan will be sent to the Program Coach who will review and approve them.  The Program Coach’s approval of the Mentorship Plan will generate your first payment.

Entering meeting notes after interim sessions

For sessions other than the first, fifth (midpoint), and final, we ask you to enter meeting notes that capture what was discussed and achieved during your time with your mentee.  We also ask you to let us know about future plans and assignments.   These notes are only read by the Hugo team and are not shared with the student or their family. They are meant to be a very short summary and should not take more than a few minutes to create.  

Please see our Sample Interim Meeting Notes for Worksuite for examples of notes written for Humanities, STEM, and Social Sciences mentorship meetings if you would find that helpful.

Entering meeting notes including the midterm review after the fifth session

Once you reach the midpoint of your mentorship, we ask that your notes include a midterm review that we use as the basis for a Midterm Report that we send to the student and the parents.  While the midpoint of a mentorship varies according to each mentorship’s structure, the fifth session is the midpoint in most mentorships. 

The milestone on Worksuite after session five has space for you to include both the usual meeting notes as well as more detailed notes for your midterm review. Your midterm review should capture what your mentee has achieved so far and what the trajectory for the remainder of the mentorship is. Your midterm review is also a good chance to provide an update on any shifts in the overall structure of the mentorship/deliverables from what was discussed in the Intro Meeting and the Mentorship Plan.  Specific reflections and observations are welcome, since parents are looking for your expert insights into their students’ strengths and needs.

We have sample midterm review notes available from past Humanities, STEM, and Social Sciences mentorships. 

Once you click submit, the session notes including the midterm review will be sent to the Program Coach who will review and approve them.  The Program Coach’s approval will generate your second payment.

Entering meeting notes and uploading the Final Evaluation after the final session

After your final meeting is complete and your mentee has submitted their final deliverable, it is time for you to write the Final Evaluation. Once you have written your Final Evaluation, you will upload it when you submit your notes in the “Final Session” milestone in Worksuite.

Please use our Final Evaluation template when writing the Final Evaluation, using our template for Humanities, STEM, or Social Sciences mentorships, as applicable.  We also have sample Final Evaluations available from past HumanitiesSTEM, and Social Sciences mentorships.

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