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Hugo’s mavens is our mentorship program for college students and adults

Learners work 1:1 with an academic expert to build expertise, knowledge and a tangible deliverable that enables them to stand out in the recruiting process.

Academic deep dives that build skills and knowledge for your future career

Whether urban planning for a student who wants to enter the real-estate field, economics for a student interested in business, sports management for a student who wants to learn more about the business of sports, or environmental studies for a student with an interest in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), we design career-focused mentorship opportunities to help students learn about their field of interest, and build their resume with an arsenal of skills and a final project that will position them for internships and post-college career opportunities.  

Project-based learning that enhances your resume

Like all Hugo experiences, our college and adult mentorships are completely individualized and tailored to your interests. 

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Topic Ideas

Below are some examples of business-related topics that students have explored in the past:

Policy brief with innovative recommendations for increased access to affordable housing for the workforce in NYC

Opinion essay examining the intersection of economics and sports, with a focus on examples of how behavioral economics principles apply in the sports world

Analysis of how different countries are addressing or failing to address climate change and the important role top greenhouse gas emitters can play on the world stage

An economic analysis of cryptocurrency's potential to provide economic relief to citizens of Venezuela and other oppressive authoritarian regimes

Research paper studying the economics of food insecurity in the US, including an analysis of food insecurity since the COVID pandemic, with proposed recommendations to improve food assistance programs

Research paper and accompanying policy brief on the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies

Paper and presentation evaluating launch timing decisions for Elon Musk's cybertruck and neural chip, using game theory models

Op-eds on nepotism in the NFL, influence of race in NFL hiring practices and the legacy of Giannis Antetokounmpo in the NBA

A primer on the apparel and retail supply chain with recommendations for small boutique owners

Analysis of union vs. non-union construction outcomes in the private sector with recommendations for the public sector

Research paper analyzing the CityWalk Bishop Ranch development in San Ramon, exploring whether the planning process adequately took into account the needs of service and hospitality workers commuting to the city.

Slide deck proposing a video game narrative adapted from another medium, together with creation of an original Twine story and related interactive game experience that led to a playable narrative