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Every project is unique, reflecting the students' specific learning objectives and interests. Final projects range from college-level research papers to product prototypes.
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Below are a few examples from hundreds of past Hugo mentored projects.

A paper and presentation proposing a new framework for civic engagement at the high-school level

Developed an experiment to test how gender and signals of confidence impact entrepreneurial outcomes

Original website sharing historical, political and economical information on the global refugee crisis with resources encouraging advocacy

Prototype for a new football helmet to better prevent concussions designed with a neuroscientist at a top research university

Analysis of how statues' significance has changed since ancient history, assessing how shifting public values impacts the monuments we maintain or tear down

A research paper examining the history of abortion debates in the US since Roe v. Wade and resulting culture wars.

Op-eds on nepotism in the NFL, influence of race in NFL hiring practices and the legacy of Giannis Antetokounmpo in the NBA

A literature review documenting qualitative and quantitative perspectives on the impact of dance on mind/body and a website that shared findings on how perseverance and grit/discipline affect both dancers and people with diseases.

Blog article on the CRISPR/Cas gene editing system, focusing on implications and use

Research experiment examining the impact of moral messages on self-esteem and body image beliefs of Instagram users

Research paper on juvenile sentencing under the Eighth Amendment, addressing Supreme Court rulings

Memo that clarifies the impacts and values at stake in deciding between local and imported foods

A policy recommendation targeting Egyptian universities to increase gender parity, based on research of Egyptian women’s experience of sexual violence, workplace harassment and discrimination and the nation’s growing #MeToo movement

Research paper on 'false polarization', and how the media impacts people's ideological polarization

Article capturing the menstrual health challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness in the US and the possible strategies that organizations and governments may pursue to better support them.

Academic paper investigating the role of nationalism in sustaining the Palestine/Israel conflict

Op-ed on the potential of public music programs to alleviate hardship at the U.S.-Mexico border

Complete production of an original, full-length composition, complete with melody, harmony, and beats

Exploring myths about the Olympian gods through ancient and contemporary sources

Policy brief exploring the relationship between ozone and asthma in Illinois

Research paper analyzing three startups' impact and effectiveness in addressing women's’ issues of affordable feminine hygiene products and eliminating the “pink” tax

Creation of a podcast series with interviews, information, and discussion about the rare and difficult-to-diagnose disease Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

Tested quantum entanglement hypothesis using IBM Quantum processors

Comparative study of perspectives on Covid-19 based on ethnographic interviews between native Hawaiians versus residents of Los Angeles county

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